Development of cloud software that just works

Software projects are about 


We deliver astonishing, scalable and reliable cloud applications on time.
Software development agency proudly specialized in Python and JavaScript technologies.


What can we help you in?

Building a new product? Automating your business?
IT Project Partners can create your software faster.

We help to create first product

Need MVP and team building takes time? We'll help you to deliver on time.

Work Automation by Software

We help to optimize your process and reduce human overhead by software automation.

Electronics and Hardware:
Add-on software applications

We design astonishing UI for management software bundled with your hardware

Big data gathering and analytics

Software that converts useless, scattered data sources into actionable insights

Blockchain and FinTech:
Enjoy newest trends in finance

We can slim down your costs by employing blockchain. Give us a try!

AI,Image and Sound Engineering:
Connect digital with humans

AI which understands words, images and sound, connecting humans with cyber world.

Need help in troubles with new product?
Learn on our Go-To-Market Strategy Workshops

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Under the Hood: Technology

IT Project Partners focus to rapid delivery of business value. We stick to our technologies of choice for that purpose:


The technology of choice for rapid development of scalable backends. Clean, quality-oriented language making the application futureproof.

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